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It has a database which consists of the latest updated drivers in the market
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Manually updating each driver on a computer could be a difficult task, especially when users are not aware of all the components of their systems. Even the power users might have a hard time finding each driver's name and version. This is where Advanced Driver Updater makes a difference, by automatically scanning and updating all the drivers from the computer. Easy to use and well designed, it performs the operation in a couple of wizard-style steps.

The first step is a full system scan to identify all the drivers versions. The scanning time is short and the results are presented in a friendly manner, easy to understand even for the inexperienced users. Outdated drivers age is divided into three categories: Old, Very Old, and Ancient, alerting the user of the update importance.

The second step is the drivers downloading and updating. Selected drivers could be updated all at once or one by one. Updating all drivers at the same time is not a recommended option when important motherboard drivers, for example, are to be installed. The best and safest way to do it is to update them one by one, as some of them will require system restarts. While this will take more time, the system stability is not endangered.

Advanced Driver Updater has a backup option for the currently installed drivers, allowing a full restore in case of a failed update or problems caused by the new drivers.

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  • Easy to use
  • Short scan time


  • Updating all drivers at once might lead to system instability
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